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Since the establishment of Iran Ventilation in the field of cooling and heating air conditioning systems, by designing development-oriented and aggressive strategies, we have been able to travel long distances since its 48-year activity by creating a portfolio of solutions, quality and comprehensive services, as well as a dynamic, reliable and empathetic team. Imagine a bright future in the eyes of the employers and valued customers of this important valley.
We put organizational health and honesty at the forefront of our day-to-day activities so that we can protect and expand our most valuable achievement, which is reliable support and consistent customer support.
In preparing Iran, we do not leave the client alone and from the beginning to the end and even after the success of each project, we are by their side step by step and we will remain their helper, companion and companion.
Your satisfaction, dear ones, is our most valuable asset and our loyal customers, far from exaggerations and slogans, are our true partners and constant companions of our successes.
In specialized product working groups, we have tried to put the customer at the center of our movement in our field of activity, by listening to the voice of customers and correctly identifying the needs of the market.
We are now proud to have established an agile organization that can keep pace with the rapidly changing 21st century and the accelerating industry of the air conditioning industry by valuing the business, delegating and designing a broad and comprehensive organizational chart and focusing on decentralized decision-making. And to be a leading organization in the technology-driven industry by providing the necessary platform for creativity and knowledge management.
Another of our critical responsibilities in Iran ventilation is to consider the appropriate cultural infrastructure to create an agile organization that meets international standards.

Iran Ventilation As we advance our activities to become an organization with global standards, by providing management systems, services and new and creative products, we will pave the way for our customers.
Therefore, during the action taken in 1399, Iran Ventilation decided to obtain a valid ISO certificate and was able to provide consulting services in the field of implementing a quality management system and obtaining international standard certifications, which include:

ISO-HSE ISO-IMS ISO45001-2015 ISO14001-20 ISO9001-2015

Be proud to receive these certifications from the UK BAS under the ASCB accreditation in the field of heating and cooling systems industry (HVAC).
The result is that in the coming years we will consciously and boldly move in the direction of development and we will write the story of our success from the language of our loyal customers chapter by chapter.

Based on the experience gained in all national and international projects, the company has succeeded in implementing large projects in the country by conducting extensive research, tireless efforts of experienced professionals and communication with companies operating at home and abroad. To be.
Now, Iran Air Conditioning is one of the most active companies in the field of air conditioning industry, which is a success in the performance of its various work units and spending a lot of time on various projects, now with a bag of experience hand in hand We have given each other to take steps towards the development of Iran Air Conditioning Company and achieve a better future.
The ultimate goal and vision of this company is to provide, provide and build sustainable facilities and equipment to serve loyal employers and customers, and as a result, we are always up to date to find the best solution and try to provide strong, fast and efficient support. Reduce our customers’ concerns so that they can focus more on their business.
If today the name of Iran Air Conditioning Company is mentioned as a symbol of trust and if we consider creativity in providing services as our key advantage, then the cause of this trust is the unique help of the managers and employees of Iran Air Conditioning Company, who are our most important support. The result is a breakthrough in the industry with nearly half a century of experience.
Undoubtedly, maintaining the achievements of the past and keeping pace with the developments and challenges ahead requires a comprehensive approach to all promoting factors, continuous improvement of quantity and quality of products offered, utilization of new knowledge and technologies and redoubled efforts of all partners and staff.

Today, the main factors of success are commitment, professional ethics, expertise, creativity and respect for the wishes of customers, and successful companies will be able to listen carefully to the opinions and wishes and customer satisfaction, and then with Blend new knowledge and technologies.

Since the beginning of our activity in 1973, we have made respecting the rights of dear employers and respecting their demands our top priority, and we have been with them as a reliable friend and consultant in all stages of supply, and we have done our duty.
My belief as the CEO of Iran Ventilation is that to achieve excellent quality in providing technical and engineering services, experience, high scientific ability and, most importantly, good morals and a sense of responsibility.
Therefore, my servant and colleagues are always open to welcome the opinions and demands of our valued customers so that we can provide the best service to these loved ones by having complete and comprehensive information of the demands of our customers based on knowledge and scientific agreement.
We and all the staff of this complex have always tried to provide services and products with the correct understanding of the customer’s needs and careful examination of the opinions of experts, in order to be in the high dignity of the air conditioning industry in this region.
Undoubtedly, relying on God Almighty and also the mutual trust of esteemed and precious customers, as well as the support of experienced and specialized staff, we will do our best to be the flagship of innovation and prosperity in this industry as in the past, and worthy services in Present the dignity of esteemed employers.
If you think that one of my colleagues who is in contact with you deserves encouragement or a reminder, if you have an offer for Iranian air conditioning that could pave the way for us, if you would like to cooperate with Iranian air conditioning in any way,
If you have any creativity or content you would like to let me know directly and…
You can help us by sending an email (asadollah.talebi@gmail.com) to create a space for a closer relationship between you and me (regardless of whether you are an Iranian air conditioning customer or not).

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